Why Are Some Pakistanis So Obsessed With Cats!

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Not long ago cats were considered as animals who roamed the streets, hiding from us in the shadows, getting pelted by stones and being fed our leftovers we could not make space for. There was no way one was getting in our houses, lest our beds! However in a span of just a few years things have changed dramatically!

Now every second house has a cute little monster which is pampered more than their youngest child, it is the only topic of conversation with the guests and if the guests have a cat too. Soney pe sohaga!

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Like in everything else, desi parents and grandparents are way more captivated by these adorable beings and are head over heels to tend to them. From changing the cat’s litter to feeding it thrice a week, running to the vet for its annual vaccines, our parents just come out on top of everything!

Source: Pinterest

The cats which are available in a variety of colors and breeds, from the lazy Persians to the bullet quick Siamese, from brown to black to white to smoke with startling blue, green, hazel and olive eyes, from the cat rolls to the paw slaps, we can`t help but adore them!

Be it running around the house at 3 in the morning, or cuddling in the blanket with their cold little noses, asking for our food when we are eating, we Pakis have found our own little obsession! From getting scared by the little fluff balls to cuddling them endlessly, our obsession with cats has taken a new turn!

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