Pakistani Adults Are Sharing Their Befikri Moments And Yaar, Bachpan Yaad Agaya!

Pakistani Adults Are Sharing Their Befikri Moments And Yaar, Bachpan Yaad Agaya!

Gone are those days when we, as young kids, used to be carefree without having to worry about a single thing, isn’t it? Growing up, we’re always taught how adulting would be burdened with responsibilities, work, and worries. In short, we were taught that adulthood is never going to be a piece of cake.

For a minute, think about the things you had to worry about. Not getting the same toys as your siblings? Worrying about not getting the TV controller and so on…


But once you’re an adult, your priorities and worries change; drastically. You worry about your clothing, what people think of you, your bills, running out of phone credit and whatnot. Isn’t it? But deep down inside, each one of us wishes to be carefree again!

Matlab, don’t you wish to have those ‘good ole’ days back? However, did you ever try looking at the bright side? No? Well, remember that it is OKAY to be befikre at times! 


Pakistanis on social media have come together to share their #Befikri moments and this just made everyone’s day! Because we all need that now and here’s why it’s important!

These Pakistanis have happened to find befikri in so many ways that you’ll feel absolutely relieved after reading their posts!

Haye… that feeling!

Blessing. Literally a blessing!

Worst feeling ever!


Because updating your feeds is important. Duh!

See, it wasn’t that difficult now. Or was it? What makes you befikar? Share your #Befikri moments in the comments below!

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