Pakalu Papito Might Be Helping Us Make Peace With Our Insecurities

The internet has taken a lot of turns to come to where it is right now. Previously, it was dominated by happy thoughts and kitty videos, but the trend is now changing. Although the kitty videos still dominate a large section of the internet, on the rise is a previously unknown genre of jokes and memes; nihilism.

Nihilism can be defined as: “extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence.”

The nihilism on the internet does not strictly follow those bounds of the term but have pushed the boundaries towards self-pity and finding humor in our insignificance and mediocrity.

Mr. Papito dominates the internet when it comes to tweeting about things that not only resonate with our reality but also with our deep-seated insecurities.

When he makes us realize how fragile we are on the inside

Almost all of us are going through something stressful in our lives at a given point in time. Be it linked to our relationship, our family or our career/education, there’s always something that is a high probable cause of our anxiety.

These memes not only help us look at ourselves from another person’s perspectives but also enable us to laugh at our own problems.

And how our entire lives are a huge mess!


When he indirectly pulls our legs for eating so much!


And helps us justify why we haven’t lost any weight


And how he helps us embrace our mediocre appearances


And our lack of intelligence

And our lack of motivation in life


But in contrast to all the minor attacks on one’s sense of self, Nihilist memes can be found if you venture too deep down the dark places of the interwebs.


Maybe that’s a little too far.

Humor is the most mature defense mechanism

Let’s face it; we’re all pretty anxious and stressed out about one thing or the other. There’s always something that’s bothering each and every one of us. Laughing over a tensed and an apparently uncomfortable situation helps us ease the discomfort and the pain it causes. But going too far with it can become the cause of more harm than good.

Maybe the key is to find the perfect balance to accept of a situation to motivate ourselves rather than accepting a situation that will leave us even more demotivated and self-pittying.



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