Pak Vs WI CWC19: People Wondering K Yeh World Cup Ka Match Tha?!!

Pak Vs WI CWC19

So, the ultimate cricketing contest has sparked off! The World Cup 2019 fever touches an all-time high. Our people are just about crazy for seeing their team stars battling it out with their opponents. For every competing team, stakes are really high. Today is the 2nd match out of the 48 matches of the grand tournament, it carried a special interest for us all. Pak Vs WI CWC19 was scheduled for today, played out without any hindrance or obstruction. The final scorecard? Well, we better not discuss this if you are an avid Pakistani fan out there!

Pakistan All In Shambles In Pak Vs WI CWC19 Match

Our Pak Team Can Never Change – They Always Hit Below The Belt!

Yes, in pure shambles and ruins if it’s impossible to replace them with better synonyms. What an average follower of Team Green expected out of their “talented” lot, was clearly short of the unexpected. A number of private surveys over social and electronic media had already painted a grim picture of our men in green. Playing today’s match, too, our team performed the way expected by an overwhelming majority. Even our street cricketers perform much better than these highly-paid good-for-nothing bunch of goats.

From Bad To Worst, Our Game Has “Progressed” By Leaps And Bounds

You have all rights to disagree with each and every word of ours. You may even display your contempt with us through your feedback. But, one thing you’ll all concede to if anything could be worse than today’s act of playing it out against a strong opponent, this was it. Although our team’s overall performance in one-day internationals is ranked above average, the World Cup records speak a different story. We are as knowing as you, the team’s actions in most of the World Cup encounters depict the standard of a club-level team. Most of the players present as a novice in attitude and nerds while playing. We better call them a band of amateurs, putting their unpolished skills to unfruitful trials.

Latest In: We Freak Out In Pak Vs WI CWC19 Match

Pak Vs WI CWC'19 As A Real Shocker

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Losing a cricket match against an opponent is something else, that should be clear. But, making your opposition make you lose the game is what our green shirts are accustomed to. Putting aside whoever won the toss, all is well that ends well. With our entire gang of 11, we could manage a meager 105 on the scoreboard, with all relaxing in the dressing room amidst an extended post-match period. Come to the West Indian team, they routed us with 3 wickets down within quarter of their allotted 50 overs. Came as a shock? Probably, not for a huge majority here and elsewhere.

Pak Vs WI CWC19 Harney Per Awam Ko Aag Lag Gayee Hai…

Pakistani People Are On Fire

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What if “We Have, We Will”?

The team green is considered one of the top performing ones in the world of cricket. At times, we have topped the ICC rankings in all three formats at different occasions. Be it the Test match, ODI or T20, we have witnessed better times. Coming of lately, our ODI performance has been significantly lackluster nearly against all playing nations. So, even today the green-dressed men were seen unwavering and unmoved from their traditional show. A how that had turned into pomp, thanks to our team management and their media spokespersons. The overall team performance in today’s encounter is nothing to speak of. We’ll now let the people speak up, vent their sentiments, lambaste the team “culprits”…….. Please, folk, take over!

The Ever-Blazing Social Media Et AL

Whoever remarked that social media is the most instantaneous and fiery “roasting grill”, kindly accept our salutation. Let’s move on…

Yes, Rameez bhai. Quite rightly said. Probably, the only “technique” our boys are able to utilize under intense situations.


And then, our neighboring Indians have their pea-sized brain that imparts to them this level of mentality! Hope they hoard up some festivities for their own blue-birdies and focus on their CWC’19 fate.


This concise tweet literally sums up our today’s inning while we were handling the long handle. With just four out of eleven making it to double figures, the final scorecard didn’t bother much the scorers.

Perhaps the most interesting tweet of all vis-a-vis today’s green fallout. Losing out to Windies can turn in either of the two directions. Either we grasp the trophy or pay our last homage to Mickey…

This is the end of it all! 2 khokhey ki supari for a mere selfie… After all, this is the harm we can cause to the West Indian side.

What a policy! Tu chal main aaya… One after the other, wickets falling like a deck of cards. And still, our wicketkeeper-captain puts in so much brains and body strain to utter “Same, same…”. What a shame!

And, We Saved Up The Best For The Last….

Han bachey, kyun nahin!! … Tum log her matach mein yun hi inning k overs bachatey jao, final tak pohonchtey pohonchtey apni inning 500 overs ki khelna… But, result bhi same same rahey ga, no difference!!

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