Pakistani Social Media Explodes with Reactions after Ahmed Shehzad Scores 0 Runs of 12 Balls

Selfie king Ahmed Shehzad was called up for international duty as team Pakistan faces Sri Lanka in a series of Test matches. The highly controversial profile of Shehzad once again stormed the headlines. As an opener, Ahmed Shehzad was shy of a century after he ate up 12 balls for his duck.

Ahmed Shehzad, the man, the myth, the legend, in his own game proved once again why he has such a controversial profile. It’s another story when this man walks the pitch. You can either expect him to miserably crash down or fire up in a blaze of a twist. But the recent record is him playing 12 deliveries out of which he scored a duck. It has become the highlight on social media in Pakistan, as people, glued to their televisions, out poured their insane reactions over Shehzad’s abysmal display.

The following series is more entertaining than Ahmed Shehzad’s innings against Sri Lanka

Here are the real highlights of Shehzad’s innings:


Imran Nazir with a million dollar question!

Took it way too literal!




Absolute gold

Hard to ignore, though


Wah, ustaaad…

Quality banter

Kia baat hai

Such inconsistency leaves a big question mark: should Ahmed Shehzad still be given a chance or is he totally washed up? It’s an amazing thing to wonder how he performs exceptionally well on one day and on the next, he fails as if he doesn’t know how to handle a bat. We really enjoy watching him when he’s in form and performing prolifically well, though.

However, we as supporters should still back our players even when they are totally disappointing us. Share your opinion.

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