Sep Amil Shah Shaheed Recorded His Video Before Embracing Shahadat And Uff, Kia Himmat Thi!

Recently, in North Waziristan, rouge armed PTM protestors opened fire at the army check-post that took away the precious lives of our brave soldiers and injured several. The protestors kept provoking and disrespecting the deployed army to the point that they launched a full-on assault but Pakistan’s army showed complete restraint until they had to defend themselves and retaliate.

Post-Kharqamar incident the intensity in attacks on armed forces of Pakistan increased according to the ISPR. A total of 5 officers embraced martyrdom while 32 sustained injuries during the span of one month in North Waziristan.

Another soldier of Pakistan succumbed to his injuries after a landmine blast and firing on Pakistan Army vehicle in North Waziristan’s Boyya area.

This fearless officer Sep Amil Shah, 26 years of age only, before taking his last breath managed to record his last moments on camera and one cannot help but shed tears for Amil Shaheed.

Here’s the video!

The video is heart-wrenching and is a stark reminder of how these soldiers sacrifice their lives while we sleep soundly in our cozy homes. They, however, leave their homes, their loved ones and their normal lives to defend the soil and the people of this soil, not knowing if they would make it back home to their wife, their children, their parents, and their siblings alive and well.

The pride and duty carry them on without an ounce of fear for death, for they are more than ready to embrace Shahadat and enter Jannah. 

In the video, you also see another soldier who already left this world after terrorist firing and blast only to enter a permanent one that. He lays there peacefully while another takes in the last moments to record before he too joins him, in this world and after.

He is heard shouting “Koi nazar araha hai. Nahin chorun ga” and that is enough to show the bravery and fearlessness of the soldier that knowing he might not survive the coming minutes, he isn’t phased the slightest but in fact, is calm and composed. This is Pakistan Amry and we salute them for their sacrifices and their service to Pakistan!

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