Our Envious Celebrities & The Obsessive Public Towards Ertuğrul Drama

Our Envious Celebrities & The Obsessive Public Towards Ertuğrul Drama

ertugurl obsession

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What a confused nation we all have become the masses would be swooning over the Turkish drama. Or maybe the beauty of Turks has got them so obsessed with it that their minds got fogged to differentiate a person’s character in a drama and his or her personal life.

Maybe it happened because such high-quality content just like this has never been aired or produced by their own countrymen. So getting direct exposure to such an impeccable piece would have to come with some consequences for the naive minds of our people. They began to assume themselves as the warriors to save their endangered religion in the most modern Islamic state of turkey. Not recognizing that today’s turkey is far more modern than any other European country.

Our media industry threatened by its popularity

And then come the people from our media industry who are threatened by its popularity. The envy in them foresees it as a threat to their mainstream misogynistic dramas, that wouldn’t get over a suppressed bae (girl) whining about how her husband has cheated on her with his extramarital flings(affairs). And her perpetual misery in the hands of her in-laws especially the Saas (mother in law).

And if the canvas is further widened then we encounter our gross and finicaly bankrupt film industry. For quite a while our industry just worked on a plot where a single man more likely to be a dummy with rigid expressions would stand in wide fields with a bamboo stick or what in his hand and a woman would swirl around him. That’s the whole plot around which the movie would have developed. Nothing productive and sensible, pointless movies, pointless plot and pointless cinematography.

And then they would come up with their malicious statements against something that they for the next coming years cannot reciprocate. So they need to stop reflecting their own insecurities on something that’s worth lauding and rather should try to learn from it.


This article is originally written by Amber Zaib.

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