'Fouj Sab Kha Gai' - Watch These Pakistan Army Soldiers Live The Life Of Luxury

‘Fouj Sab Kha Gai’ – Watch These Pakistan Army Soldiers Live The Life Of Luxury

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Pakistan’s army is one of the ten best armies in the world. Time and time again, our army has proven that it is hard as a rock and strong as a horse.


No day shall pass when we will not be thankful and grateful to them for their sacrifices. However, along with how much this situation is something that every Pakistan holds pride in; there are some ill-fated who think the army fends of their money.

Not only is the claim outright wrong, rather it shows how less we know about the hardships that these brave soldiers are facing day and night to keep us safe and sound.

Watch: Pak army officers cooking ‘roti’ by themselves!

While we save that debate for another day, watch how these brave soldiers are fending the border and also cooking their own meal!

Just watching these brave soldiers working in the rough weather conditions is not only inspiring rather it swells our hearts with love and pride for them.


It is not only their bravery and gallantry that has won our hearts; but also their sacrifices which they do for the sake of keeping us safe and sound in our homes.

In situations such as these all we can think of is how much we owe to these brave souls.

Just a few days back, we learned about the young lieutenant that was martyred. So many people have sacrificed their lives for this country and it is still so cruel to see how many people would demean and devalue our brave forces.

It is when we see such situations, it reminds us of the lives lost for this country and these brave warriors leaving their everything behind for this nation and this soil.

We send our love and also extend our gratitude as a form of tribute to them, for their sacrifices, bravery and hard work!


As a whole, we are immensely proud of our army and their hard work and gallantry. If it were not for them, we might as well not be living the merry and free life that we do today.

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