Pakistan Army Recruits Asif Magsi – The Thatta Boy Who Jumps Over Motorcycles & Lakes

Pakistan army asif magsi

The people in Pakistan are, without a doubt, filled with great talent. May it be, paintings on trucks, to comedic representations, Pakistanis have it all. In addition, they are great athletes as well. Asif Magsi a young boy from Thatta is making rounds in the news for all the right reasons. According to recent resources, Asif Magsi is now recruited by the Pakistan Army, and we can’t be more proud!

Recently, when the 21-year-old Magsi shared a video of him jumping over 11 bikes; he thought it was a simple cool video. However, he was still unsure of what was awaiting him in the future.

“It was my personal best and I received an overwhelming response online but that’s about it,” Magsi said. The video of his exclusive long jump went viral in minutes and people started to applaud him for his gifted talent. Having 1.2 million followers on TikTok, Magsi thought, this was the best he could do.

However, his magical athletic jump brought quite a change in his fate. Something even he was unaware of. Even if the overwhelming views and response weren’t enough. Magsi is getting quite some hefty offers.

In fact, within just two days, he is now given the label of “The Flying Man” and “Hero Pakistani.”

Asif Magsi to join Pakistan army

Recently, Magsi is being offered a position of a lifetime. After his viral video, the Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) has offered him a vacant position and the Pakistan army is also hiring him. This is just great news, indeed.

In addition, from now onwards, the Pakistan army coaches will be training Magsi for the athletic competitions held each year.

Magsi adds that he wishes to make an entire world record with his long jump talent. He adds that he is proud and loves his country Pakistan, and will work hard to make his country proud of him.

Twitter lauds Asif Magsi

Since the news of Magsi’s recruitment is on social media, people have been quite proud of him and are lauding him for his courage and determination.

Even Shaniera Akram who is always talking all praises about Pakistan lauded him and shared her proud moment with Magsi’s great achievement.

Wow! It surely is inspiring to see how one can shoot for the stars with hard work and determination. And Magsi is already shooting for the stars with his incredible performance. We wonder how amazing this young man will be setting an example for so many people.

However, he isn’t the first Pakistani to have made us proud this year. Another athlete and young football player Abiha Haider also made it to the 30 most powerful women this year.

Above all, we wish this brilliant high-achiever the best of luck and a lot of success and prosperity in the future. We hope that he is capable of fulfilling his dream and making all Pakistanis proud of him.


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