A Gesture Of PAK-US Solidarity – US Thanks Pakistan Army For Donating PPEs

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These are tough times for everyone. And the only way to get through these times in good spirit is by helping those that need our support and help the most. In this spirit, our Pak Army has extended hands in helping the US fight COVID-19 by donating them PPE supplies.

Surgical masks and protective suits

The PPE including surgical masks and protective suits was sent to the United States through a C-130 plane. These surgical supplies were handed over to the Senior US officials at the Andrews Air Base in Washington DC. Officials of Pakistan armed forces and diplomatic corps were there to do the honors. Gestures like these have always made amends with sore friends, and Pakistan is not the one to step back from taking the higher road.

US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA)

In this tweet by the US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA), one can readily see the positive response and better tomorrow ahead:

Pakistan’s ambassador to the US

In response to the tweet by the US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA), Asad M. Khan – the ambassador to the US tweeted,

Earlier today he also tweeted:

(PRGMEA) Chief Coordinator Ijaz A Khokhar

Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA) Chief Coordinator Ijaz A Khokhar mentioned the talk of international inquiries. The inquiries demanded some share from the entire stock of PPE supplies of Pakistan, which happened earlier this month.

According to a source, Ijaz A Khokhar, the chief coordinator (PRGMEA) said: “it is high time that we switch over our production to PPE to capture the demanding market share”. He also pointed out that the government of Pakistan should adopt an aggressive approach. They should open the export of PPE. Then he further added the details, mentioning the types of PPE – both non-woven and woven fabric, in multiple colors mainly white, light blue, and light green.

Earlier today he also said:

According to a source, he also said, “There was a huge demand for coveralls, gowns for doctors, patients, nurses, cleaning staff uniforms as well as other disposable wearables. We need to take daring steps at this juncture to capture the market share.” Not many days since then that the government practically worked on it to manufacture and export the most avid need of these times.

People’s response

Ever since this news got out, people are supporting the gesture of the Pakistan army. Let’s have a look:

All in support

While we see some staining the image of the Pakistan army, we also get such news as well, that restore our faith in our army. We await to hear such good news every now and then. And we fully support this decision to help the US in need.

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