Pak Army Did A Supreme Act Of Kindness To An Indian Soldier Who Escaped The Cruelty Of The Indian Army

Pakistan Army just did a major gesture of kindness to an Indian soldier who goes by the name, Chandu Babulal Chavan.

The goodwill gesture came into being after the Indian soldier was returned safe and sound to India.

It is reported that the Indian soldier unintentionally made their away across the Line of Control on 29th of September, 2016.

Read the official story:

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Pakistan Army claims that the Indian soldier was a deserter who was forced to seek redemption from the maltreatment of his commanders. It is also reported that he was captured the very same day of surgical strikes by India.

But Pakistan Army, who are meant to always outshine in the good and just, did not seek to humiliate or mutilate the honor and dignity of a soldier, regardless where he came from. Chandu Babulal Chavan was handed over safely to India at the Wagah border check post.

Source: Daily Pakistan

Source: Daily Pakistan

Pakistan Army, however, claimed that he deserted his post following maltreatment of the commanders. It also claimed that Chandu was captured on the day of the surgical strikes by India. The soldier was handed over to Indian authorities at the Wagah border check post.

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Publication reports, “Sepoy Chandu Babulal Chavan, an Indian Army soldier, deserted his post at LoC due to his grievances of maltreatment against his commanders. He willfully crossed LoC on 29 September 2016 and surrendered himself to Pakistan Army.”

Ministry of Foreign affairs released a press release that adds, “The decision of the government of Pakistan to return the Indian soldier is based on humanitarian grounds and the commitment to ensure peace and tranquility at the LoC and the Working Boundary. Despite Indian belligerence, Pakistan believes in a peaceful neighborhood and rejects all actions aimed at undermining regional peace and security.”

After the news circulated that the Indian soldier was missing, MoS Defence, Subhash Bhamre awaited in hope that he would return home safely.

“The very next day after the surgical strikes, Chandu had inadvertently crossed the LoC to Pakistani side. The government, the DGMO, and MEA are in contact with Pakistan since then through proper channel. The initial response from Pakistan was not positive but the latest response inspires hope,” he reported.

Source: Daily Pakistan

Source: Daily Pakistan

Indian army failed to maintain the discipline in treating its own soldiers. These people guard the national borders with their lives and it is not easy for a person to serve for the country being away from families, and when he is not respected or treated well for his service, it shows where the authorities stand in regarding honor.

It is a moment of shame for Indian people upon learning that their very own soldier resorted an escape just to seek redemption from the cruelty and maltreatment in the army.

Wonder how many other soldiers are still being treated in such ways. One of them dared to escape and nobody knows what further consequences will he have to face for his actions.

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