PAF Escorted An Indian Flight After It Entered Into Pakistan’s Airspace!

Indian Flight In Pakistan

As the heated stances between Pakistan and India are nothing new to the world, the cheap approaches of Modi Sarkar don’t seem to end. Even after facing sheer humiliation on several occasions, naive India still tries to pull off its filthy agendas against Pakistan. Particularly, this year only, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has lost its many MiG-21 fighter jets to Pakistan. Back in September, an Indian commercial flight carrying a military code was escorted by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) after it ‘illegally’ entered into the country’s airspace.

Indian “SpiceJet” entered Pakistan’s airspace with an “IA” code!

Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi viciously abrogated article 370 of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), the Indo Pak relations were completely deteriorated. Pakistan’s airspace ban earlier this year has already cost India millions but still, Modi’s derogatory pull-offs are a never-ending failure. Last month, on September 23rd, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) escorted an Indian “SpiceJet” commercial plane with an “IA” (military code) after it entered into Pakistan’s airspace.


Apparently, this isn’t the first time Pakistan has intercepted India of its destructive agendas. According to media reports, the Indian Air Traffic Control (ATC) ‘mistakenly’ provided the Afghanistan-bound “SpiceJet” flight with the military code instead of commercial code. Like every other flight, this plane’s code was “SG” but because of the ATC’s confusion, it was given “IA” which is specifically for IAF jets to this commercial flight. Reportedly, the flight was carrying around 120 passengers and was flying from Delhi to Kabul.

Pakistani F-16’s intercepted Indian commercial flight in mid-air!

As soon as it intruded into Pakistan’s airspace, the ATC from Pakistan immediately informed the PAF about the Indian military flight. After receiving the intel from the ATC, two Pakistani F-16 fighter jets quickly surrounded the Indian “SpiceJet” flight into mid-air and asked its pilot to lower the altitude. Then the F-16 pilots demanded the Indian pilot to provide them with complete flight details for inquiry.

EurAsian Times

Upon being inquired by the PAF pilots, the Indian pilot said, “This is SpiceJet, Indian commercial aircraft, which carries passengers and is going to Kabul as per schedule.” After the Pakistani F-16’s rounded up the aircraft, the pilots instructed the Indian pilot to lower the altitude through hand gestures. Later, one of the 120 passengers said, “At the time when Pakistani F-16s were flying around their flight, all passengers were asked to shut their windows and maintain silence.”

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Another failed conspiracy of Modi Sarkar against Pakistan?

Well, as soon as the confusion got sorted out, Pakistani F-16’s escorted the Indian aircraft till it entered into Afghanistan’s airspace. Particularly, it is also believed that it was a pre-planned warmongering Modi tactic to engage in a war with Pakistan. ‘Misinterpretation’ of ATC’s code was intentional and the “SpiceJet” flight was bait for the PAF to shoot it down and further escalate the situation. But the Pakistani pilots sensibly escorted it out of Pakistan’s airspace.

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