Overseas Pakistani With MBA Who Left ‘Perfect Life’ Abroad Is Now Unemployed

Overseas Pakistani

When the PTI government came into power, they made substantial claims of uplifting the youth of Pakistan, providing them with employment. One overseas Pakistani on the same call left his perfect life abroad and returned to Pakistan.

This is the heartbreaking but real story of Zahid Munir Chaudhry, a multiple degree holder from universities abroad. When PM Khan made a call for overseas Pakistanis to come home, Zahid was one of the very first to hear it.

Zahid Munir Chaudhry has an Advanced Diploma in Business Management from the Central College of London. Along with that, he did his B.A Honors from the University of Sunderland. Not only this, but Zahid also did his MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Finance.

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Source: timesofislamabad

With three strong and viable degrees, Zahid returned to Pakistan with dreams of helping the country, while also making a good living for himself. However, it wasn’t too long before Zahid Chaudhry learned the bitter truth that almost 10 lac young and capable people in Pakistan were unemployed.

Since then, Zahid has been trying to find a ‘good job’ just to make ends meet, but he has not been successful. Currently, Zahid works as a ‘delivery bike rider’ for a private company.

In addition, Zahid informed that before leaving for higher education, he worked in a bank for 11 years. Even with that hardcore experience in banking, Zahid has been reduced to working as a delivery boy.

“I returned to Pakistan because Imran Khan was the PM. I used to hear his speeches and think, this man will do something for Pakistan. I came back to vote for Pakistan but decided not to leave. I made my whole family vote for him,” said Zahid while speaking to local news hub Daily Pakistan.

“I have applied to so many jobs, my eyes have become weak from it. People who call me for an interview make fun of me. I have exhausted all my savings, but I need to work to run my house, so I work as a delivery rider.”

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Zahid now lives in a rented house with his wife and is just making ends meet. His dreams of a prosperous life in Pakistan, on Imran Khan’s call, now remains a forgotten dream. Many other overseas Pakistanis like Zahid who returned home for a better life remain in the same paradoxical conundrum.

Here’s to hoping that Zahid finds a job worth his credentials soon, if not, the government needs to step in.

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