Our Favorite Waderai Ka Beta Singer ‘Ali Gul Pir’ Collaborates A Rap Battle With Indian Youtuber For Indo-Pak CWC19 Match

Our Favorite Waderai Ka Beta Singer 'Ali Gul Pir' Collaborates A Rap Battle With Indian Youtuber For Indo-Pak Match CWC19 Match

Who doesn’t enjoy a dramatized clash between India and Pakistan? Gotta admit it is entertaining!

So we have an Indo-Pak World Cup match coming on Fathers Day. No doubt that we are definitely expecting a flood of memes, vines, and cold wars on Twitter. Ali Gul Pir, singer slash comedian, here drops in the scene with a new release that is a rap battle with Indian Youtuber, Being Indian. Just what we wanted.

It is as dramatic as it could be and woah, WE ARE LOVING IT!

Being Indian Wanted To Ease The Tension Between The Countries

It was Being Indian who contacted the comedian, Ali Gul Pir for the collaboration. He wanted to ease down the tension between the people on both sides of the border with something that would infuse joy. Ali Gul Pir announced the release of the Rap Battle and its deats on Twitter earlier in the day before it went out.


This music video is an effort on the part of the comedians for the neighbours to have a chill take on the match. As they dramatise the clash, it does seem funny because this is exactly how we, the neighbours, are always trying to diss each other.

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This Rap Battle Is ‘Epic’

This epic music video features a list of comedians and Youtubers from both sides. The ones we spotted on our side were the famous stand-up comedians Akbar Chaudry and Usman Mazhar, and Youtuber Amtul Baweja.

The script of the video is hilariously written by Akshat Chopra and Tatsat Pandey. Every little pun and burn is so relatable and the credits go to the writers for that.

Also, the troll about never raining in Karachi and constantly raining in the UK was also played very well in the script where comedian Usman Mazher starts off by saying “Yar Karachi main World Cup hona chahie tha. Yahan to Barish hoti hi nahi hai.”

We know how pissed Karachites are about the rain situation, but yes, that does put up a good idea. WORLD CUP IN KARACHI!

It Reminded Us Of The Legendary Face-Offs Between The Neighbors

Later in the video, Ali throws a lot of references to our past face-offs against India be it Champions Trophy, T20’s or Test Matches. Also, how Indian players should be threatened by Hafeez and Amir who would take them down with their sixes and wickets.

Legends like Shoaib Akhter, Javed Miandad were a must mention, after all, they were our best warriors. Akhtar’s bouncer against Ganguli and Miandad’s six on the last ball are the proud-to-be moments of Pakistan – We are never forgetting them!

The rap also includes a line about the couple Sania-Shoaib as an achievement for Pakistan cricket saying, “Aur Sania baji, Malik ne patali.”

Fathers Day Reference Had To Be There 

The music video starts with Being Indian bragging about India being Pakistan’s father in cricket. So, the match on fathers day is a sure win for them. Finally, the rap battle also ends on Being Indian saying, “Fir baad main wish karna Happy Father’s Day.”

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Ali Is Receiving Appreciation From Fans And Celebrities

Ali certainly deserves the appreciations that he’s been receiving on this music video.


The video ended with both the sides saying we’ll see you on Sunday. Must appreciate the way these celebs have tried uplifting the spirit of the World Cup 2019 match because now we’re certainly more excited than we were before. Bring it on!

Have you enjoyed the rap battle as much as we have? Do you think Pakistan would win again this fathers day? Comment below and let us know

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