Osman Khalid Butt Bashing Male Privilege in a Post by a Local Brand Definitely Won Many Hearts!

Just a few days ago, the male privilege was displayed in the Packages Mall, Lahore and the woke social media users did not stop themselves from commenting on how wrong it was. Local shoe brand Bata shoes displayed a disturbing print advert outside their outlet and later put it down due to the ‘inconvenience’ it caused.

The Print said, “Womaniser and Comfortable with It

Facebook: Rizwan Naeem

The Locals were Definitely Not Pleased with the Ad for all the Right Reasons

The Social Media Outburst Definitely Shook the Brand

Does the brand not have any professional, educated marketing manager which approves such print adverts? It is disgusting to see how such a famous brand in the business for such a long period of time act so childishly.

If You Think this was Upsetting, See the Apology they Issued

And it was Definitely Not Done in the Right Manner

Now There was One Man who Decoded Bata’s Message and Showed Exactly What it Meant – Osman Khalid Butt!

OkB often speaks on matters that shed light on the male privilege given in our society and how people get away with it. He defends his female friends and co-workers in a rather professional manner, stating how they deserve utmost respect and equality. This time, he spoke in a blunt manner.

People, as Always, Loved him for Speaking in Such a Manner


Everybody Just Loves the Baaghi Actor!

Not many men in our society speak up about the privilege they get, but Osman Khalid always admits the truth in terms of the social norms and isn’t afraid of anyone.

Kudos to Obi for proving yet again what a great man he is – definitely need more woke men like him our society.

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