An Orphanage In Mombasa, Kenya That Really Needs Your Help!


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This article was originally submitted by Zeenat Talpur

Recently I came across a brother on twitter; who shared this piece of information with me, in hope that I would help him spread the message on social media.

Therefore, I decided to write about this and help him spread the word around; so it would reach the relevant authorities in his country and so that people; who are interested in donating, can help him in this regard.

I must clarify that those interested in donating must contact and verify the details, and obtain the latest information from him (the email is shared at the end.) I’m only spreading the word through this platform available to us.

This is about an orphanage in Mombasa, Kenya established by an old lady known as ‘Mama Canaan’ – who runs this orphanage.

via the link provided by the contributor

I am told that she established and ran this organization amidst her own challenges; for survival, a decade ago. There are a total of 38 children in the orphanage; the number could have increased though.

The ‘Cannan orphanage is located at Kissimani, Bombolulu, Mombasa, Kenya. Mr Mohammad – the person who gave me the information, told me about their situation before and regarding the problems that they face now.

This orphanage, which is running for 8 years wrote several applications and letters to the government; telling them they had no sponsors and only depended on well-wishers. They even requested support and assistance from them for the orphanage yet it was still neglected by the authorities.

This was their situation before.

The house where they previously lived was in extremely difficult and bad conditions; especially when it rained when the compound got flooded with water; making the children sick which increased the cases of malaria among the children. As a consequence, they had to leave the place as the landlady gave them notice to vacate.

via the link provided by the contributor


The latest update provided to me is that Mama Canaan took a difficult decision and a firm step; to move to a better and secure place, and also gained volunteers; with the help and effort of Mr Mohammad – the person who gave me this information – who dealt with their oppressive and corrupt volunteering partner.

Their new Spanish volunteers decided; to form their own organization and called it ‘Friends of Canaan,’ and decided to come over and pay their volunteering donations directly to Mama Canaan.

Now at present, they are suffering because of the Covid-19 virus which prevents Volunteers from coming and staying to generate funds for the orphans. To date, they have not received any help.

This piece of information was something I could not ignore and had to help spread the word. I could not forget nor ignore and had to write about it. Although I’m not a journalist nor do I want to be one but I just wanted to spread the word.

This orphanage is running for 8 years and if it doesn’t get assistance from the government or NGOs or any organizations, it would have no option left but to get closed which will be really sad and devastating for the children.

Here’s how you can see pictures of the orphanage!

Note from contributor: the details and latest updates can be optioned by Mr Mohammad; who can be reached on twitter. I have gathered this information with a detailed communication with him; on Twitter and extracted the relevant information from the photo album mentioned above. In order to inquire further and get the recent updates about the orphanage, here is the email of Mr Mohammad Those interested in helping and donating please obtain information from him. 

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