For The First Time, Oreo Is Launching A Mystery Flavour In Pakistan & We Are ‘Berry’ Excited!

The world’s number one biscuit, Oreo, has become an all-time favorite in Pakistan in recent times as well. The combination of a dark chocolate shell and with cream has gone so well with Pakistanis, that Oreo has decided to launch one of its 130 international flavors in the country as well.

While everyone has been wondering, what the Mystery Oreo flavor would be… there has been some crazy guessing going on different social media forums regarding the same, as people started posting pink tiles on their profiles. With a hint of pink in the guesses, it was finally revealed that the Mystery Oreo coming to Pakistan, indeed, is the juicy-fruity-creamy Oreo Strawberry, which has done wonders internationally.

Discussing the Oreo Strawberry in particular, the rich flavor of this new launch in the country has got people super-excited.

Once you open the packet of the new Oreo Strawberry, you’re instantly HIT with an aroma that you’ve never experienced with biscuits in Pakistan before. The combination of freshly baked cookies and delicious strawberry cream is something you’d definitely cherish.

Here’s the latest TVC for Oreo’s newest sensation in Pakistan, Oreo Strawberry

Oreo has come up with a very catchy jingle for the new flavor, and taking just a single look at it would want you to have an Oreo Strawberry right that second!

Once you take a bite of the biscuit, an overwhelming taste takes over your tastebuds and sends you on a journey of the salvation of the combination of high-quality cream and cookies. Throughout the whole eating experience, the aroma of strawberry stands out and makes you want to grab another cookie right after you’re done with one.

Furthermore, the new Mystery Box sent out by Oreo for the revealing of the Oreo Strawberry is a work of art on its own. This is the second such Mystery Box sent out by Oreo in a span of 1 month, the last one being a beautiful ‘back-to-school’ kit for children. The beautiful box, for the reveal, contains 4-5 compartments, each with a mystery clue for the grand reveal.

Finally, you hit the motherload, and voila, the Oreo Strawberry sits in one of the compartments right in front of you, ready to be devoured in the typical Oreo ‘twist, lick, and dunk’ method.

The launch of this mouthwatering biscuit shows that indeed, Oreo in Pakistan is in full demand. We absolutely wait and wonder when they’d launch another new flavor, out of the 130 global flavors Oreo has to offer. #OreoGoesPink!

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