An Orakzai Student Creates Rs200 Testing Kit. Will It Help Identify COVID-19?

Student Orakzai COVID-19 Testing Kits

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, world humans have come up with several amazing inventions to help in its elimination. From the emphasis on adopting precautionary measures to making cheaper masks, humanity has done it all.

Apparently, Pakistan is also blessed with such individuals who are busy finding ways to help mankind during this pandemic. Earlier this week, a team at Mehran University produced an affordable substitute for the expensive N-95 masks. Following the same trail, recently, a young student from Pakistan’s Orakzai district has come up with an extremely cheaper way to test the coronavirus.

Pakistani student and his Rs.200 COVID-19 testing kits

Such examples make the whole nation proud and these mindful individuals deserve every ounce of appreciation. According to the revealed details, Irfan Hussain, a student at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad developed the COVID-19 testing kits. Hussain is currently pursuing his doctorate in Pharmacy degree.

Student Orakzai COVID-19 Testing Kits

Source: WBUR

Speaking of the invention, the testing kits will cost a total of just Rs200 and it can be a huge game-changer for Pakistan. Currently, the testing facilities in the country are limited and are priced so high that everyone cannot afford it. Moreover, Hussain’s kits are said to carry bout about 20,000 tests daily for a minimal amount of Rs200 each.

Waiting for NIH’s approval

Taking the next step, the whole invention has been shared with the National Institute of Health (NIH) for approval. Hopefully, if the authorities will clear it, Hussain’s efforts will be able to bring a revolution in the medical field. Despite coming from an underprivileged area, nothing could stop him from playing his part in these harsh times.

Student Orakzai COVID-19 Testing Kits

Source: The Lahore Times

Well, this isn’t the first time a Pakistani student has come up with a valuable idea to fight the deadly coronavirus. Previously, a student of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology (GIKI), Muhammad Aleem came up with an impressive plan. Working on his detection idea, he claimed that COVID-19 can be detected with 96% accuracy with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In his research, Aleem stated, ”With certificates in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford, IBM, and I love to apply engineering to the medical field which motivated me to use AI. I used this to diagnose COVID-19 since Pakistan doesn’t have proper resources for that. Other than this I’m also developing robotic arms for medical surgery.”

Hopefully, such bright minds will keep coming up with their brilliant inventions and make Pakistan proud.


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