Different Options Are Being Considered For University Examinations, Chairman HEC

Options University Examinations Chairman HEC

The outspread of coronavirus has affected the two most important sides of Pakistan, business and education. As these days, everyone is stuck into their homes, the closure of educational institutes has created chaos among the students.

Initially, shifting to online classes resulted in students getting aggressive on social media calling it unjustice with them. In fact, #ResignChairmanHEC also started trending on Twitter and it was a sight to remember. Well now, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is looking over different options to try and hold the university examinations this year.

HEC’s take on the delayed university examinations

Speaking on a talk show, Tariq Banuri, Chairman HEC laid out several options that are under consideration. He stated, ”Let me clear one thing that this is like a wartime situation and the enemy has attacked us. Our attitude in all this is that whatever decisions are in our hands, we take and whatever is in others’ hands, we look at them.”

”We look towards the government, the hospitals, the experts to let us know about the safe time to ease or lift the lockdown, etc. In the meantime, till the issue persists, we have started alternative arrangements. When we began doing that, teh students got aggressive and we are trying to calm them down. It has been handled to some extent and we are positive that we’ll control other things till 30th, 31st May”, he added.

Will it be at the end of May?

Emphasizing on May end, Banuri said, ”If things get better till the end of May, then also we can approach the government to permit universities to at least open for exams. For that, we’ll provide data to experts so that they can analyze if its safe or not because we are not experts. So, if it comes to 31st May, then we can give relaxation in some areas otherwise we will have two to three solutions.”

Options University Examinations Chairman HEC

Source: TSB Education

”On the same note, we’ll schedule the exams after July 15th so that the students can be easily notified about the new pattern. If that also doesn’t happen, then we’ll move towards the online examination system. It’s totally different from the physical one. But we haven’t prepared any final policy yet. We’ll discuss its pros and cons with the Vice-Chancellors’ on coming Tuesday”, he concluded.

Well, hopefully, the considered strategies will not backfire as before and students will also understand the recent situation. Previously,  HEC did vow to solve issues of students but it turned out to be just another lollypop. Let’s wait and watch, what will be the ultimate way out of this coronavirus crisis.

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