Here’s Why We Should Look For Opportunities Instead Of Threats!

look for opportunities

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This article was originally submitted by Tariq Nisar

Imagine someone comes to you and advises you to start a little business. Say a humble cafe with minimum investment with a steady return. What is your first instinct? Your mind will be thinking, no. There are so many cafes already. I will fail, I can’t compete with big brand names, I don’t have the resources and many other threats to this idea. Well, it’s built into us to identify the threats.


A part of our brain called the amygdala is designed to keep us safe.

It prevents us from taking risks. It achieves its goal of keeping us safe or if I may say… keeping us the same that we have always been. To achieve more than what we have always achieved we have to go beyond it. We have to silence the amygdala for a moment and identify the opportunities instead.

Do not think what’s similar; Instead, think what you can offer to the world with your café. After all, Burger King and Pizza Hut all exist in this same world. At the same time with similar products presented in their own unique way. So do Adidas, Puma and Nike and so many other businesses.

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Let’s take Ricky Ponting for example, my all-time favorite batsman. Strike rotation is one of his fortes. In an interview when he was asked how do you find so many scoring opportunities, he responded that while batting, other batsman counts the fielders and see where they are. However, he does the opposite. He just sees the gaps, where to hit the ball and not were to avoid hitting the ball – small details yet big difference!

Of course, it’s not easy to just switch the mindset. It’s not like an outfit that you can just go and change. It will surely take practice and persistence to achieve (and a lot more study) and yet like a good outfit, it will make you feel the change in yourself!

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