Operation 021- Pakistan Film Industry Going Crazy with Brilliance

Shaan Operation 021

With the release date scheduled on 6th of October, the Operation 021 just adds the excitement for the occasion of the Eid. The second thing on the to-do list on eid day is to watch the Operation 021, of course, first being Eid Namaz. The film’s lead actor is  Shaan Shahid.

We are very much aware of mighty performance of Shaan in previous Pakistani block buster movies such as ‘Khuda Ke liye’ and ‘Waar’. Known for his perfection in acting , Shaan is expected to blow mind of audience this time around as well.

 Actors in the supporting roles are Ayub Khoso, Shamoon Abbassi, Gohar Rasheed and Amina Sheikh. Ayub khoso is the renowned name in Pakistani drama industry. He is all set to make the mark in the ‘Operation 021’ as well.

I was much impressed by the glimpse of his acting in the film’s trailer. And, audience haven’t forgotten shamoon abbassi’s role in superhit  ‘Waar’, so they can’t wait to see more of his performance in Operation 021. ‘Operation 021’ is produced by ZeBa Bakhtiar and her talented on Azan Sami Khan. Well, who isn’t aware of accomplishment of Zeba in Pakistani drama and film industry?

All I can say after watching the trailer is that the movie doesn’t seem less than highly budgeted Hollywood action thriller, forget the bollywood movies.

Apart from the cast and production house, there are certain other things that make Operation 021 the most highly awaited movie of the year. I was proudly amazed when I read that Operation 021 will be the first Pakistan action thriller to be mixed on ‘Dolby Atmos.

The Atmos technology enhances the sound experience in theatres. It optimizes the soundtracks on the loudspeakers according to theater capacity. As the result, the sound effects create the mindboggling experience for the audience. This technology is too expensive for even most of bollywood producers to put into use in their movies.

Previously, only two blockbuster action packed movies Dhoo3 and Kick were mixed on this state of the art technology. For operation 021 to be mixed with this surround sound technology, I think, producer Zeba Bakhtiar needs to be applauded.

What we know little about story line is that it surrounds the dark and harsh political realities prevailing in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  It is rumored that film is about a guy (Ayub Khoso) who belongs from Afghanistan. He wants to save his country from getting involved in another fifty years of warfare.

For this, he garners support of his Pakistani ally (Shaan). Operation 021 has been shot mostly in rural landscape of Pakistan and strips of film shot in Afghanistan as well covering the ruthless NATO attacks in the country.

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The story line is too attractive and it is expected to be masses’ movie because we know how closely Pakistani populace is aware and attracted of political trivia. Yet, there is always an urge to know more and seek the reality behind delusions. Operation 021 has that appeal and that’s make it most highly awaited movie of the year.

We have seen number of Pakistani blockbusters released such as ‘Khuda Ke Liye’, ‘BOL’, ‘Main hoon Shahid Afridi’, and ‘War’ and I hope Operation 021 will be as huger hit, if not more, as these movies.

Additionally, I’m much convinced by Azan’s contemporary approach to make a movie is a blend of modernity and convention to reflect the image of reality in a bold way. In the end, I will just say I can’t wait to watch operation 021, and I will advise you to go and watch it. I will keep my further views till the movie releases.

Official Trailer of New Pakistan Action Film- OPERATION 021



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