An Open Letter To All The ‘Rishtay Wali Aunties’ Who Are Trying To Set Girls With Men Double Their Age

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Lately, I had a couple of encounters with a group of women visiting my house, I’d name these encounters as, “hum larki dekhne aye hain!” And I want to talk about it. So, hello there aunties and phuppos! I’d like to talk to everyone today on a very crucial topic that nobody ever discusses.

A little introduction about myself will help you all understand what community I intend to talk about further. I belong from a Delhi Wala community, and I am a 17-year-old daughter of a beautiful, sweet and charming mother who never closes the door to any guests, no matter how irrelevant they might be.

Let’s come straight to the point now. How capable do you think your son is that you think it’s okay and acceptable to go from house to house and ‘choose’ a girl for him to marry? Ask yourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to call your son completely useless, of course that’s pretty obvious, coming out of the womb of a woman who has absolutely no shame in going over at a girls house and shamelessly judging her by her colour, hair, eyes, nose, physical features and let’s not forget all the appliances and furniture kept in the particular room where the family welcomes you with good hope.

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Of course, he might be your chand, your Shahrukh Khan and what not, but how about we hit the reality sometimes.

We all know your son who probably is 30 years old, pushed into his dad’s business with his hair falling out and almost bald, is quite obviously a failure at love life and that’s the reason why you’re visiting house to house to find a girl with the perfect hair, body, face and a financial background, I wonder how you still have the audacity to judge a girl on the basis of these things when your own son looks like a rotten piece of garbage.

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Oh, and the irony, we girls, have absolutely no right to ask questions regarding you or your son because if we do, we’re instantly considered to be ‘besharam’ while you continue asking us about who our great grandmother was and how much our dad earns per month. Interesting, no?

We girls are not material, nor are we blessed without brains and a heart. Please try looking beyond looks and we would love to look at your sons beyond looks and money-earning machines too when you consider a healthy age gap and look at us the way you would want your daughters to be looked at.

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Do you consider how the girl feels when you come in and sit there staring at them as if she was an alien from the outer space? If not, please start looking at your sons the way the world looks at them, not just your own eyes.

Just because you have the freedom of speech and all communication facilities available to you, doesn’t mean you have the authority to take advantage of women who were raised right and were taught to be welcoming no matter who it is.

Please realize that the mothers of these daughters are more than willing to kick you out of their houses when you stare at their daughters like that and judge them brutally, it’s just their commendable upbringing that keeps them from losing their shit at you.

Also, please consider a hair specialist for your son’s hair transplant, maybe that would calm down things a little and will make you a little more reasonable from visiting one house to another.

Sincerely, all the young girls who don’t want to get married to a man whose double their age!

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