Taubah Karo Ji – An Open Letter to all the Pakistani Filmmakers

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Dear Filmmakers,

Films leave a great impact on us.We always try to change our looks as the hero in the latest film.We love to copy their style and looks, and love to glam ourselves with the same dressing or makeup just like the leading celebrities in movies. 

Source: BollywoodUniverse

Pakistani cinema has already revived and the filmmakers are now doing their level best to up their game. We are happy to get such happy stories and vibes, and it is amazing to be introduced to different ideas of cinematography and filming. And the only thing we look forward to is to enjoy every bit of the movie no matter what the scene is. Do you remember the golden era of pop and rock music? They used to be so classy that we still remember each and every lyric and the scenes as well.


If we talk about item songs, first Mehwish Hayat, Ayesha Omer, Sohai Ali Abro and now Amna Ilyas and Sadaf Kanwal – we really don’t want our ladies to be used as an object. Girls are not objects. Girls are girls. We never want to see our girls with such beauty and talent to perform or dance like an object that too in such vulgar clothing. We really respect their work as they do it with such dedication and enthusiasm, but we would never want to see it. Films like Malik, Actor in Law, are still very amazing without any item songs and the filmmakers have really done a great job with them.

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We know those item songs are a true element to engage our audience, but seriously, we are tired of watching these kinds of dance moves. The right clothing really does matter. We’re never in the favor of watching their bare legs or belly dancing. I mean, what are they trying to depict?

Source: ET

On the other hand, they say that we copy the Indians. Yes, we do… because item numbers in movies are usually a hit. But we have seen a lot of movies without item numbers and adult content, yet they are still very successful and remembered by all.

We have our own mind. Our actors are amazingly talented, directors are fantastic, content creators are excellent! All we need to do is to trust our people within the limits.

Sincerely yours,

A fan of Pakistani cinema

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