An Open Letter to Dr. Ayesha Khalique, Wife of Major Ishaq Shaheed

To Dr. Ayesha Khalique,

It would be heartless to ask about your health at this very point. We know this time would be difficult for you, but we can never imagine the pain you are going through. We know you must be waiting for a call from your husband that night when he took his last breath, but we can never imagine how you felt when you got the news of what happened to him.

We know you may be worried about the future of your one-year-old son who does not even realize he lost his father, but can never imagine what you are going through. We know you are fighting this grave incident with the same amount of bravery your husband showed when catching the terrorists in DI Khan, but we can never imagine what you are going through.

The Entire Nation Is Applauding for Your Courage, Dr. Ayesha!

Major Ishaq Shaheed, your 28-year-old husband was a major at such a young age. He took the courageous decision of fighting for this country, leaving behind you and his son. While the nation applauds for his sacrifice, something which we never will forget, we are equally proud of you.

We are proud of you for marrying such an honorable man who cared about his country. We are honoring you for being such a brave and a strong woman, a supportive wife of a man who took Shahadat for serving this country.

You knew the consequences of marrying a soldier of this soil, yet you never backed out. You gave Major Ishaq the happiness of this world – a son, who will always remind you of the brave man you married – a man who compromised himself for this country.

Dr. Ayesha, we may not be able to feel the pain you are going through, but we want to thank you.

We lost a brave soldier, and you lost a loving husband and the father of your one-year-old son. We cannot share the pain with you, Dr. Ayesha, but we want to thank you for your courage and bravery.

May Allah bless Major Ishaq Shaheed in the highest ranks of Jannah, Ameen.


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