An Open Letter to Imran and Nawaz from A Pakistani

To the useless leaders,

I address all the leaders of this beautiful country and the role you people have played in making it the ugliest thing on earth. A country where hundreds of children were killed in board day light in an educational institution while the leaders were on trips to foreign countries with their begging bowls or sitting in a Dharna or making meaningless statements to their captive audience.

May I ask these wretched leaders who claim that we are an atomic power, where army leaders that they can face any danger from any country. We boast of our strengths, our super forces, our impeccable intelligence services, our religious leaders who are never tired of claiming that they are the only guardians of Islam.

All these leaders put together, our army, our faith and trust in our beliefs could not stop the brutality of a few individuals who slaughtered the un-blossomed flowers, our little angels. Do we even deserve to be called a country where children live in fear, in a suffocated environment? These kids who had not even started dreaming about their future, these kids who know nothing about politics, religious hatred, and other vices of the day. What a shame for all of us who cannot save innocent children from the wrath of these mercenaries.

We need to stop our infighting just for the sake of ruling the country. We have no right to be called a Muslim nation if we do not have the resources to save our smiling children. I am not concerned about the causes of this disaster my only problem why did we allow anything like this to happen? Who is going to bring these dead Angels back to life?

Small coffins are the heaviest. For God’s sake stop talking about things that don’t matter anymore, focus on the real cause! Fight terrorism, fight to provide a better quality of life to the nation. Let us stop talking about elections and rigging, about building metro services and super highways.

Let us invest all our resources to save our angels from the barbaric acts of a few. All the leaders, both of government and opposition must resign and leave us for good because you were unable to save our souls.

Our souls that lie in the body of our kids was openly shot in the head, trampled under brutal feet of those savages but who was there to save them. Shame! Shame! Can we ever hold our heads high and say we are proud Muslims and Pakistanis? Save our children and all other things can go down the drain.

This goes out to Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, leaders who stand in front of our nation tied up in the issues they have created themselves to ignore the basic presence of humanity.

Be it Imran Khan, Be it Nawaz Sharif, both have failed. Incapable of thinking what had to be thought.

Mothers can now only pretend to be putting their children to sleep because you emptied their laps.

Thank you but the nation is stronger than ever and it has nothing to do with the both of you

The smiling face of a child, the unbridled laughter, the teasing attitude all gone with the gun! We have to wash this scar from our faces and tell our new children we will never fight with each other! We will provide you a safe country…

A country where kids can live as kids!

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