An Open Letter from an Artist to a Brand That Stole Her Work

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Hello, Haier!

I know Truck art/ Murals on your factory (Lahore) looks cool but hey! NOT COOL!

I’m Mahrukh Mansoor, working as a creative designer and social media marketer/manager at an Ad agency. Being a designer, I’m very responsive about design and marketing ethics. I avoid ‘lawn suits’ by fashion designers who copy international designers/designs OR don’t want to work in such a place where stealing designs or ideas isn’t a big deal. Anyway, so one of my cousins, on his trip to Lahore shared this picture on FB (handsome is blurred out on purpose) and my sister started laughing hysterically and said ‘your truck art has gone big – but it’ll make you upset’. Yes, this, in the background is my artwork that I made in 2015, for my university thesis.


That ‘inspired art’ though

You cannot just rip off my portfolio piece without my permission and make your factory look pretty, it looks really awesome though but ripping off? Ohh maybe, sastay mein acha kaam? Like seriously?

It’s not the first time someone used my designs but you’re HAIER – a big brand who make millions in a month, yet not able to pay designers for their hard work. Who can do such thing? Who’s your marketing/advertising agency by the way or do you have a couple of ‘designers’ in a room, and call it an *sarcastic cough* in-house agency? I think your agency might need to take proper lectures/training on plagiarism and know the difference between inspiring and stealing. Also, tell them that Behance is not like Google. People upload their ‘portfolios’ there, their hard work, their assets and you cannot just use anyone’s work by a simple Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Haier Copied Art

I think now we must start respecting artists and all professionals for their work and respecting definitely doesn’t mean stealing.

P.S. You can visit my portfolio.

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