Open Letter For Everyone Who Thinks ‘Depressions Is Just A Phase’

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To the people who think depression is just a phase:

Depression is not just a phase it is more than a phase. It is stuck with you forever like your shadow. Depression is doing everything you can to hide. The nights are the worst you fall on your knees, in a silent scream, that no one hears.

Depression is the sleepless night where you try to find peace but instead spend staring at the wall.  Depression is desperately trying to explain what’s going on in your mind when you don’t even really understand it yourself.


Depression is canceling the plans last minute because you do not have the strength to get out of bed. Depression is looking into the mirror at your tearstained face with hope and your eyes were swollen and hating yourself for feeling like you’ll never be able to get through this.

Source: Men’s Health

Depression is feeling alone in a crowded place and wanting to run away. Depression is trusting those who were never meant to be trusted. Depression is running to the hospital at midnight. Depression is staying on drips. Depression is doctors appointments and those green/blue pills. Depression is trying to explain how you’re feeling but you lack in words. Depression is your worried family who tries everything to make you feel okay and still fail.

Depression is pushing your loved ones away and scared of being in love because you know you’ll fuck it up in the end and you’ll convince them to leave right away. Depression is something that can happen to even the strongest person. Depression is something that makes the strongest person weaker and the weakest person stronger.

Depression is not a phase it’s more than a phase. You just learn to live with it.

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