A Private School Wants Students To Take ‘Online Swimming Classes’ & We Are Confused

online swimming classes

During the ongoing coronavirus season, the schools have started a new trend of online education in the country. The online education system is already facing a lot of backlash due to its ineffectiveness especially in Pakistan. Now, we came to know that a private school is also offering online swimming classes for the students.

Really? online swimming classes? It is as weird as it sounds!

The private school mafia in Pakistan has always been slammed for making money by unnecessary activities. They force students to follow their silly rules and policies or face dire consequences. The helpless parents have no other option but to pay excessive money for the future of their kids.

A teacher of the Lahore Grammar School (LGS) has accused a private school of forcing students to take online swimming classes. She, however, refused to name the school since she ‘doesn’t want defamation notice’ for herself.

People are reacting to the ‘online theory classes for swimming’. Some are obviously trolling them (LOL!)

Honestly, we too can’t stop laughing. We are curious to attend such an online class. That would be fun!!

This pandemic has surely brought out the best of everyone. Recently, taking advantage of this pandemic some of the private schools have also introduced their printed logo face mask. These Rs 20-30 masks will now be sold at a rather expensive price [another burden for the parents].

The issue of online classes has caused a lot of problems for many students as well as parents who have to make sure that they accommodate their children. Schools are making money through these ‘useless online classes’ but quality education is being compromised with this system.

In addition, when we bring into consideration the northern areas, online classes, and internet services tend to take an even more dire and twisted turn. Students residing in Gilgit Baltistan walk for hours and miles, climb mountains just for the sake of accessing internet services to get their education.

Shame on these private institutions who are just making money and compromising students’ careers.


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