These 5 Simple Tips Are Sure To Make You An Online Shopping Star And You’re Absolutely Going To Love It!

When it comes to convenience, very few things in life can beat online shopping. Endless choices at the tip of your fingers, from the comfort of your home. But for all its convenience, there are some pitfalls that might end up getting the best of you. So to become an online shopping maven, we recommend you check out these five helpful tips that can give you a safe and smooth online shopping experience!

You won’t regret it!

1. Do your online shopping on legitimate platforms and from reputable sellers!

The first step in protecting yourself from any fraud is to make sure that you only shop from legitimate, accredited online shopping platforms. With this, you are ensured not only of your account’s security but also on the quality of the products and service levels.

Daraz offers the widest range of products with fast delivery, secure payment and easy returns. With more than 20,000 sellers on board, Daraz is the largest online shopping platform in the country. Daraz also recently launched DarazMall, a dedicated space on the Daraz App for shoppers to get direct access to trusted brands and products with high quality and reliability.

2. Compare products to get the best price!


Knowing what you want and doing your due diligence of research before purchasing an item will help you enjoy your purchases in the long run. If you are shopping from Daraz, then you will see multiple listings of the same product by different sellers – each with their own offer, just like any offline marketplace. Get the best price available.

3. Check Reviews and Ratings for additional information!

Reviews and Ratings of products and sellers offer you additional information prior to purchase. If customers who previously shopped from a certain seller on Daraz have left bad reviews for them, then you know you should not take the risk of purchasing from that seller.

The reviews and ratings feature on Daraz is new, so not all products have been reviewed by customers. If a product has no reviews and a low rating, that probably means it is a new listing and hasn’t been rated. In that case, you should chat with the seller, which brings us to point number 4.

4. Chat with sellers to get answers directly from the seller!


The biggest limitation that has been there for many people when it comes to online shopping was the inability to have a direct relationship with the seller and ask them the kind of questions they would ask in a physical store. The Q&A Feature on Daraz lets you ask sellers questions directly – now you can have a direct relationship with the seller similar to brick and mortar stores.

5. Read the company policies and FAQs for informed transactions! Very Important!

Normally, most information regarding shipping time, the return policy, how to track order, etc is available on the company’s website. Daraz’s Help Center, for example, has all possible before purchase, during purchase and after purchase FAQs listed with detailed answers. Being unaware of some of these policies may lead to unnecessary conflict and confusion.

…you can thank us later!


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