Owner of ‘Shop Sephora-Pakistan’ Claims to Prove Nadia Hussain all Wrong after she couldn’t stop Complaining

Online shopping is always a risky business. In Pakistan, more and more people are now getting into this field where selling items online through various Facebook and groups has now become a business, and the easiest way to earn money. But, it is not ALWAYS easy. A seller /buyer have to struggle a lot. Concerns about the product’s authenticity (tops the list), shipment days, shipment charges are always a concern.

A similar case surfaced the internet just yesterday where Pakistan’s famous model/actress, Nadia Hussain claimed to have been cheated on when she ordered some products online. Nadia had ordered a good amount of the famous Huda Beauty lip shades online through a famous Facebook page called, “Shop Sephora Pakistan”. Nadia went on saying that the seller had asked for a 50% advance payment and she would then dispatch the shipment. And so, Nadia did. After a few days of transferring the money to the seller, Nadia didn’t get a positive response….

Here’s what supermodel, Nadia Hussain, had to say:

I have been pushed to the limit to do this! So I wanted HUDA beauty lip strobe within Pakistan so after searching I came across this page called SHOP SEPHORA-PAKISTAN.. I ordered in SEPTEMBER and was told delivery would be in OCTOBER!!!!! 50% advance was the initial pre-order requisite which was duly made by me!!! Till TODAY I have NOT SEEN my items yet and it’s been MORE THAN 2 MONTHS!!!!!!! The girl MARYAM ZAHOOR running this page is a TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!! This girl is now conveniently not even responding to my msgs!!!!! PLEASE BE AWARE!!!!! I am STILL trying to get in touch with her to return my advance payment but no luck so far!!!!! Below is the ENTIRE conversation we had on Facebook!!!! I AM ABSOLUTELY LIVID AND HAVE VOWED TO MALIGN HER IMAGE AND PAGE!!!!!!


BEWARE OF THE FACEBOOK PAGE "SHOP SEPHORA-PAKISTAN"I have been pushed to the limit to do this! So I wanted HUDA beauty…

Posted by Nadia Hussain Khan on Thursday, November 16, 2017

But, as we all know, there are always two sides to every story. Here’s what the friend of the SELLER had to say after this incident:


Hi and assalaam o alaikum my dearest girls  For introductions, I run a business page called Shop Sephora – Pakistan. Recently, a very huge scandal erupted when a certain celebrity (Nadia Hussain Khan) posted defamatory posts about me on multiple groups and pages after placing an order.

The two of us finally reached closure. But her defamatory posts are still posted publicly I am constantly receiving hate and bullying messages. So I have to put the truth out there and humbly request everyone to stop sending hate messages because all this negativity is causing my family and friends a lot of stress and fear.


My latest Sephora pre-orders shipment was to arrive Karachi mid October. But due to unforeseen circumstances, it was delayed until 15th November. This delay was communicated on the page (#picture1).

Nadia was informed about this delay on once she inquired (#picture2 and #picture3) and she knew that the shipment would reach us on the 15th. And the items will reach her within two days (by 17th November)

As scheduled, the shipment did arrive and I started packaging the items which takes a day.

November 16th 12.04 am : Nadia messaged inquiring about her order. (I could not reply instantly. It can take at least day to reply to each and every query on the page.)
November 16th 8.15 pm: She sent a threat saying ”I hope you recognize who I am!!!!!” (#picture4)
November 16th 10.40 pm: She had posted defamatory messages on my page and on multiple forums. (#picture5)

When I found out this I was beyond horrified and upset. I approached her and explained to her the situation. She agreed to take her pre-ordered items but still believes that I am at fault. Today, her smear campaign is being viewed by thousands of people on various forums including my friends and family who are extremely worried about me.

Since then I have been receiving hate/bullying/upsetting comments and messages from totally random people and doing my best to strike a balance between defending and manage the trauma. Sharing a few photos of what I am going through. (#picture6#picture7#picture8#picture9)

I do agree that I might have caused Nadia Hussain Khan stress due to delayed replies. And I have apologized to her. But I need the #cyberharassment to stop #please. This has turned from being a bad shopping review to full-blown on a smear campaign by a celebrity and her ‘powerful friends’. Within 12 hours I have been approached by 10s of people. I need this harassment to stop else I will go crazy.

#pleasestop #myhumbleapologies #LetItGo

#TheOtherSideoftheStoryHi and assalaam o alaikum my dearest girls <3 For introductions, I run a business page called…

Posted by Maryam Aurangzaib Khan on Thursday, November 16, 2017

We’re yet to find out if the matter has been resolved or not and we know that this could’ve been handled in a professional manner. However, there are times when people are taking advantage of social media or their privilege in society. We hope the two parties resolve the issue, personally.

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