Pakistanis Are Shocked - Many Got 'Smelly Rotten' Meat From Online Qurbani Outlets

Pakistanis Are Shocked – Many Got ‘Smelly Rotten’ Meat From Online Qurbani Outlets

bakra eid online qurbani services

Bakra Eid was celebrated all over Pakistan on Saturday. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, many people in Pakistan were more interested to partake in Online Qurbani services, So that they can prevent themselves from the fatal coronavirus.

However, the entire online qurbani services fiasco turned out to be even more troubling for people than actually following the SOP’s set by the government and buying a good sacrificial animal.

bakra eid online qurbani services

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From getting blue colored dry meat to not getting the meat delivered at all, people faced a lot of problems. Some are even complaining, that many of these agencies went over capacity; hence were unable to provide given results.

Another well-known qurbani services company, Meat Master, managed to annoy a lot of customers, by actually delivering the meat of a goat cut in four pieces.

People are calling out these online services on social media to aware other people about their poor management and service.

bakra eid online qurbani services

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Like always, when it comes to online services in Pakistan, scams are always common. Hence, scams and scandals flew as people waited for their sacrifice and meat to arrive.

Gepostet von Hassan Maan am Sonntag, 2. August 2020

Scams on Bakra Eid 2020

Initially, up till now, we used to hear about scams and scandals of how either the vendor got fooled by getting fake money for selling his animals, or how animals were stolen, etc. Never did we get to hear that people actually lost the meat of their sacrificial animals.

Bakra Eid 2020 was filled with all kinds of scams. And we wonder how on earth can people have the heart to deceive on an occasion where the bond between and God takes precedence? To think of doing a sacrifice for Allah, and get blue rotten meat in return?

bakra eid online qurbani services

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Is money really so important for human beings that they forego the boundaries of their religion? Even after seeing the power of Allah, we still disobey.

As of yet, no action is taken by these online qurbani services. Now we wonder if these online qurbani services will actually right their wrongs. Or has humanity and fear of Allah truly left our hearts? If that is the case, then this is indeed a time to worry and ask our lord for forgiveness.

In the end, we hope and pray that those who lost their investment and also didn’t get meat to distribute, may Allah bless them and they get some of retribution and compensation real soon.

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