An Open Letter To My Mother – One Soul I’m Glad I Met

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It’s not necessary how long you’ve known somebody, it’s the impact they make in your life that matters. You don’t realize how important these little things mean to you, till you watch someone else find joy, peace, affection or pleasure from those little things.

I am indebted to the many people I have met or known over the years. I have had and still have so many people that imprint my life, but one person, one soul stands out for me today is my mother.

“I’m glad that I met you, mom. I’m glad that I am your son. The softest soul who speaks the language of love and the strongest soul who shields the ones she loves. I’m glad that when I make risky decisions, you challenge almost all of them and remind me of all the things that could go wrong, no matter how ridiculous your worries are. You are the one who taught me “Love” in your own special ways. I’m glad that every time I drive anywhere, I am required to text you the moment I get there.

I’m glad that you often confuse your role as a mother with a doctor, and not only become my own personal nurse when I am sick but send me with my own personal drugstore wherever I go.

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You are the one I have fought with the most, and you are the one who’s also my best friend. No matter, how much I complain, there are some things I could never change and would never want to change about you.

You are the one who makes me the strongest. You are the one who brings out my weaknesses. Whenever I am in pain, you feel that pain for me. You take it on and consume yourself by helping me through it in any way you can.

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As I conclude these writings, let the truth be known… thank you, mom! Because you never ever led me wrong! You never pulled any false strings, you never did anything strange. You wanted to set the right example so your kid would not see shame.

Thanks for always being there with me mom. I want to follow your footsteps, if I do that I know, I will find the true path that leads to happiness, and find a way to make my dream turn into a reality.

For all the foul that I have said and done. Forgive me, and let me say that you are the one soul I am glad I met.”

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