One Nation One Blood

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We are one nation, one blood,

In times of sorrow, we calm each other,

In moments of horror, we cuddle together,

When we slip on the way, we hold each other,

When terror strikes, we defend together,

We are one nation, one blood.

We shed it for each other.

What makes a nation a nation? A spirit to hold each other’s hand in times when there is no hope. That spirit makes a nation. I am not a writer. Yet I am here, writing my thoughts on a piece of paper. The spirit is driving me, the same spirit that reminds me that I am a part of this nation and I have some duty. When a soldier is called to the battlefield, somewhere the same spirit is the motivation for the soldier. Then what makes me different from that soldier I wonder, as I am the part of this nation.

Soldier fights on the battleground, that’s his duty towards motherland. What’s my duty? My nation is bleeding today. From Kashmir to Karachi, my motherland is bleeding. It is my duty to do something because I am the part of the spirit that is leading soldier to the battleground.



As we always heard “The pen is mightier than the sword”. I cannot fight on a battleground but the only thing at this stage of my life I have, are my words. Perhaps, they are not as good as the bullet of a soldier but I hope these words will contribute as my part of duty.

Almost 60% of Pakistani nation is comprised of youth. How can a nation bleed if 60% of the blood in that nation is young? All we have to do is contribute. It is far less than what soldiers are doing for us on borders. Let’s count five things we can do in this time of need for our motherland.

First, donate blood. As a famous quote, you may have heard “You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives. Just donate blood”.  This is the least we can do for our nation. The youth of areas that are targeted by terrorists should donate blood for injured. As we see there were more than 200 people injured in latest Sehwan Sharif attack. How much blood those 200 people needed? That was the time when this nation needs the youth.



Second, when France was attacked last year we all mourn and condemned on humanitarian grounds. Now, this is the time when our nation is being attacked by probably the same people who attacked France. We should stand for moral and prestige of our nation publicly.

Youth should condemn these attacks on local as well as international level in public. The World should know that Pakistan’s youth is standing, the enemies should know that we are standing for our nation. So, don’t be quiet.

Third, some of us are living in urban areas where even our parents don’t know what is going on in the country. It is our duty to create awareness among people. We should keep ourselves update too. Public support is a vital thing that security forces need at this time. Every citizen must inform the police about any suspicious activity happening around.

Fourth, these times need us to be united. No matter what political party or ideology we belong to, we should support our security forces and trust on them so they can do better for us. Because if enemies can unite, so, why don’t we? We have something that they don’t have, we have the spirit of a nation.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fifth, faith is the binding force of our nation. No denial that there are some forces who are using this for their own agenda but at this time of need we should forget these fractions and use our faith as we used it in 1947 to get this country. If we can get a country, we can definitely defend it.

Once again, rise and do something for your Pakistan. Do your part because this is the time. Let’s hold the spirit within us and let it guide us for the betterment of our nation. Long Live Pakistan!

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