Omair Rana’s Role Selection in “Ishq Murshid”

Omair Rana's Role Selection in Ishq Murshid

Omair Rana, a talented Pakistani TV actor known for his stellar performances, recently revealed insights about his role selection in the popular drama “Ishq Murshid.” While discussing his involvement in the Hum TV show on Hum News’ morning program, Rana emphasized that his decision to join the drama was not solely based on portraying a politician but rather on other factors, including the director Farooq Rind and co-star Bilal Abbas.

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Explaining his choice, Rana stated, “Playing the character of a politician wasn’t the selling point for me. I was in for Farooq Rind’s direction, and Bilal Abbas was also in the cast; he is brilliant.” Despite being offered another role in “Ishq Murshid,” Rana declined, opting for the character he believed had more depth and enjoyment. He expressed his preference for roles with complexity, stating, “I didn’t want to play a positive, honest, and good guy. Our dilemma is that we see negative characters as total black. We don’t want to see any good in that negative person; people don’t want to see why he became like that.

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