Actor Omair Rana Thinks Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan Has ‘Copied’ His Hairstyle!

omair rana amir khan hairstyle

Pakistani Omair Rana just told all his fans about how his new hairstyle is being inspired by Indian celebrities also. According to him, Aamir Khan might as well have the same iconic hairstyle he had in his latest and widely-popular drama Pyar Ke Sadqe. 

Rana, in a video, shared his thoughts by stating that he was grateful and thankful to Aamir Khan for taking after his hairstyle. He added he was very impressed and completely admiring the new look. Rana added it looks like this gray hairstyle was going to be a new fashion fad.

Could it be true? Is the new trend actually going to be having grey-haired men suited booted in Pakistan – or perhaps the world? If so we wonder what may be next. Perhaps, this might turn out to be good in one way or another.

Although Bollywood’s famous Khan hasn’t quite given side of the story, we surely are excited to learn his views on the matter too.

Recently, Aamir Khan met with the Lady of Turkey and to say he looked dashing and very smart. Although, in comparison, we truly think Rana is all for the win when it comes to fine dressing.

In a nutshell, we admire both the stars for their versatility and iconic acting and contributions. We hope to see Aamir Khan‘s response to the matter also and very soon. It would truly be a dream come true, to have a collaboration of Khan and Rana; in fact, it will truly be a work of mastery and finesse, don’t you think?


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