This Old Video of Imran Khan Speaking Against the Belief of Atif Mian Is Confusing Everyone

The appointment and the removal of Atif Mian caused a havoc nationwide. From Fawad Chaudhry defending the economist to no one from the party speaking after Atif Mian was asked to stepped down, even the supporters of PTI are now confused over how poorly this was handled.

The Economic Advisory Council (EAC) witnesses a domino effect as the removal of Atif Mian leads to the resignation of two more notable members of the council.

Imran Rasul Submitted his Resignation Earlier This Morning

The professor at University of London shared how he opposes the way Atif Mian was asked to dismiss himself, alongside the fact of how he disapproves the involvement of Muslim clerics in the progress of the country.

Asim Ijaz Khwja, Professor at Harvard University Resigned from EAC Yesterday As Well Due to Similar Reasons

However, people are now saying that Imran Khan already knew about the religious beliefs of Atif Mian and are confused on how Imran Khan knowingly made this decision and failed to comply.

In 2014, Imran Khan Shared How PTI’s Finance Minister Will Be Atif Mian Based On his Knowledge and Largely Accredited Skills!

The politician added that he read Atif Mian is one of the top 25 economists in the world, which made him keep Atif Mian on board as the country’s foreign minister whenever he wins. However, as said by Khan himself, in 2014 during the same interview, he did not know Atif Mian was Ahmadi.

The interviewer brought it to Khan’s attention that Mian belongs to the Ahmadi Muslim community and asked Khan if he would still want him as the foreign minister under his reign. Khan categorically stated his firm belief of Khatam-e-naboowat, hinting how he now disapproves of Atif Mian.

The prime minister also shared how he would never change the declaration of Ahmadis as non-Muslims as per the constitution of Pakistan.

Here’s the Interview:

People Are Speaking Up On Why Did Imran Khan Make This Decision When He Knew About Atif Mian’s Belief

And Even If He Did Make the Decision, Why Did He Not Support The Appointee?

Let’s hope and see Imran Khan address this matter soon before people start wondering whether this really is the Naya Pakistan or not.



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