Hospital Ties A Poor 80-Year-Old Man To Bed Over Non-Payment Of Bill

patient tied in India

Although God has made human beings with certain qualities of compassion and mercy, few humans severely lack these positive attributes. Recently, a viral picture showcases how inhumane a human can become. The viral picture from a hospital in India exhibits how a senior citizen was tied to the bed for not paying the fee of the hospital.

Reportedly, the 80-year old patient was found tied in a private hospital of Madhya Pardesh in Shajpur.

The ANI news reported the incident. “Dist Collector says, ‘We’ve sent a team to hospital to investigate the matter. Police probe on. Report awaited. Action will be taken accordingly.” Besides, many social activists also lamented the scenario.

As per reports, earlier this week the man was brought to Shajapur District Hospital owing to stomach disease. The hospital administration tied the patient when his family members were not able to pay the hospital dues.

The family implored the hospital administration to discharge the patient. In addition, the daughter of the sick man had paid some of the deposits with the hospital however, she was unable to pay the full bill.

The downfall of humanity

Unfortunately, materialism and lust are driving the current world. Besides, people are solely motivated by the materialistic forces in their daily affairs. Although India claims to be the quite generous country, the denizens and their actions are opposite to the statements of the Indian society.

However, this is about the whole of humanity. It is quite gloomy to witness a human being who can reach such an extent for the sake of mare hospital bills. Not even the pandemic of coronavirus turned the hearts of brutal beings. Above all, humanity has left the way of morals and ethics.

Meanwhile, here is how people on social media reacted to the story of the elderly man.

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