This Old Man Needs Your Help Urgently

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This old man is in desperate need of a job as he is the only one to earn in his family. He does not want to beg. He is willing to provide any guarantee and his id card before working anywhere.

He can be found in the F10/2 market near MJS Bakery, he cleans a shop there for 1500 per month but that doesn’t fullfill his family’s expenses.

He says he can clean, has worked as a batman so can work as a tea boy or gatekeeper etc. He has asked a few restaurants to keep him as a waiter but they have denied due to his age and poor health.

Please help him find an easy job so that he can earn a few extra bucks without hurting his self-esteem.
He doesn’t have his own cell. He said that someone can call this number and ask for Allahbaksh

0332 7723110

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