It’s Never Too Late For ‘Qubool Hai:’ High Time To Accept Seniors In Love

samina ahmed marriage

We recently came across a news that veteran Pakistani actress Samina Ahmed has tied the knot with Manzar Sehbai. We were glad to hear the news as the couple chose to be together at this stage of life. However, such marriage is considered as against cultural norms in Pakistan.

The couple tied the knot on 4 April 2020 in a private ceremony that took place in Lahore. “No one else was there,” informed Ahmed. “It was just my family, and Manzar’s family.”

The picture of the couple went viral and people have been all praise for them. We were glad to see people accepting and praising their decision to break the stereotype that old-age marriage can’t be successful.

Ahmed and Sehbai, both 70, were beaming with joy on their big day. As the viral picture showed the bride embodying grace and elegance in a white saree paired with a pearl necklace and earrings.

Ahmed is also very well aware of the [silly] norm she just broke. While talking about the celebration and wedding events she said, “How can we hold any activities and ceremonies during the coronavirus. And anyway, how will we look holding events?”.

Well, if you ask us, they will look great and will set an extraordinary example for the young generation.

Samina Ahmed’s life

Ahmed has been through a lot of troubles in her last marital life but still, she always stayed headstrong. She first got married to Pakistani filmmaker Fariduddin Ahmed. They have a daughter and a son together.

Ahmed and Fariduddin met on the sets and within a week their love story kicked off. Later, Fariduddin decided to divorce her because he was in love with his ex-fiance Shamim Ara and they got married. Ahmed once shared in an interview the reason for divorce and said, “You can’t live with someone forcefully. If somebody wants to walk out you can’t stay connected to them”.

“We ended our relationship in good terms. If you are ending your relationship it’s better to end in a good manner,” she added.

After all the hardships she faced in her life, we are extremely proud and happy for her.

People congratulating the couple for taking a brave step

Twitter is all praise for the couple as they choose not to be alone for the rest of their life. And, there’s a saying ‘when it’s right, it’s right’.

Older people can get married and be happy!

The youth is dedicated to earning money, discovering themselves, traveling, exploring. They are greedy and crave for much more. The youth experiments. But old age only yearns for somebody to talk to, to share the morning cup of tea with somebody who also has nowhere to rush to. And enjoy the mundane moments of life that youth was too busy to notice and relish.

The most obvious reason to enter matrimony is companionship. But why do we fail to realize that the need for togetherness does not fade away with time, but only gets stronger and rawer?

Why is it shameful to seek companionship at the age when you require it the most? Why is the marriage/remarriage of senior citizens such a taboo in Pakistan?


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