WATCH: A Group Of Men Ruthlessly Tortures ‘Mentally Unstable’ Boy In Okara Daily

Group Of Men Ruthlessly Torture A Mentally Unstable Individual In Okara Gets Tortured By

The lives of mentally unstable people are not easy in Pakistan. However, if such individuals have no one in this world to look after them, it makes things even more difficult to cope with.

Mentally unstable individuals often get isolate in state-run institutions where they don’t even receive basic human rights. Others get pick up by quack healers who torture or exploit them.

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Within this context, a case of one of the worst treatment of a mentally unstable individual in Sher Nagar village in Depalpur Tehsil, Okara District has emerged.

اللہ اب اس دھرتی پر ابابیل بھیج ہی دے ?

Gepostet von Qalam Qabeela am Sonntag, 6. September 2020

کیا ہم انسان کہلانے کے لائق ہیں؟دیپالور ضلع اوکاڑہ میں ذہنی طور پر معذور نوجوان پر انسانیت سوز تشدد…. ?

Gepostet von Qalam Qabeela am Sonntag, 6. September 2020

A group of men physically manhandled the mentally unstable boy on a daily basis. These videos of the man will make you realize the height of his helplessness.

They sometimes attempt to throw the helpless into the canal. On other occasions, he is tied to the back of a motorcycle with ropes and dragged.

اوکاڑہ میں ظلم کا شکار معذور نوجوان

Gepostet von Qalam Qabeela am Sonntag, 6. September 2020

The faces of the oppressors, their addresses, and motorcycle numbers were all clarified. Let’s see when the mentally unstable man gets justice.

Addressing the stigma attached with mentally unstable people in Pakistan

False beliefs regarding mental illness have caused significant problems in the past. Having provided for dealing with such problems in an apt way, there is some form of the stigma attached to mentally unstable individuals in Pakistan. People surrounding such a person might be the source of some serious issues to the already nature-victimized.

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Misleading stereotypes impact adversely on these people’s struggle to cope with their condition. Studies show that people with mental illness are likely to be a victim than a perpetrator. Media should come forward and be strong partners against this social bias.

Family members, friends and the society in general had a vital role to play in helping people recover from mental illness. Individuals that are mentally unstable need a positive attitude and acceptance of their conditions.

Mentally disabled individuals are not different from others. Unfortunately, there are people who are totally unaware of the pain these innocent individuals have to go through. Until and unless awareness is spread, we can never encourage and support people to help mentally unstable individuals.

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