Man In Okara Arrested For Digging Graves, Raping Female Corpses

Man raping women corpses in Okara

If you thought you had seen enough ills in the society already, this news will shake you to the core. On Friday night, the people of Joiya Sharif village, Okara, witnessed an unspeakable sight. A man named Ashraf belonging to Khanpur who was for the past many years the caretaker of a graveyard in Okara was caught in the hideous act of raping a dead woman.

The villagers who visited their relatives’ graves there had gotten suspicious about the digging of graves. Their suspicions were finally turned to reality when they caught Ashraf red-handed in the disgusting act. He was raping the corpse of a woman after he dug out her body from the grave.

While people are consumed in trying to guard and protect the society from cases of molestation, harassment, and abuse, it turns out the dead equally need to be guarded too. As disturbing as it sounds, it is unimaginable to all degrees what it would have done to the family of the woman.

The culprit was handed over to the police after he was discovered in his shameless act. Ashraf confessed his ill doings to the police during interrogations. He said that whenever a woman was buried in the graveyard he used to dig their bodies out and commit the devilish act.

Two Men Exhuming And Raping Corpses

You would be horrified to know that this is not the first time that the people have discovered such a case. Last year, a similar case was observed where two men were involved in the act of exhuming and raping corpses. They used to dig up graves go inside them taking turns to sexually abuse the dead women’s body.

These men who are appointed and paid to keep the graves safe from animals instead act up worse than animals. They take it as an opportunity to fulfill the worst of their desires on a dead body. A corpse that can’t even defend itself or cry for help.

Necrophilia, A Mental Disorder

Although necrophilia is not new to this world, it is as ancient as everything else. But one might think that in the age of technology there is so much we can do to guard the burial sites of our loved ones then why do we depend on such men? So, we must make all the arrangements on our part to ensure the safety of the graves and bodies of our beloved.

Also, the fact that necrophilia traces back to the 17th century doesn’t make the act any less disgusting or give these men an excuse to be the way they are. It is a mental disorder that needs to be aided by all means. So even without getting the technology involved you should be able to detect the troublesome behavior of the people around you.

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