“Offer You Can’t Refuse”-XBOX Brings You Best Gaming Bundles

March month began with some great news for all the gamers, a new graphics card got released and some games went from the Pay method to Free.

Yes, this month many of the game platforms offered some great games for free and how could a gamer lose a free game opportunity like that?

Sony is giving away 10 indie games on 25th March for their Play at Home 2021 event.

Source: Fanatical

For those who don’t know, Sony does care about their players, that’s why among those free giveaway games it includes the award-winning game “Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition” too.

Sony giving away only indie games, as people were expecting some AAA games in their free bundle.

Recently PlayStation already announced their upcoming top 12 games on PlayStation 5, which headlined all over the gaming forums.

XBOX Game Pass Library

Source: The Verge

But Sony games aren’t that much exciting as compare to the XBOX game pass.

Even one of the most famous gaming franchise Bethesda shitted towards Microsoft and betrayed Sony.

XBOX started this month with the bang, offering some outstanding games in their game pass and people getting crazy with the list of games.  

After Bethesda, XBOX officially announced that EA Play will be collaborating in the XBOX PASS Game bundles, with around 75 games on board. Like is it real?

The way XBOX coming with some exclusive offers, it feels like they might be ready to conquer the console war with the games.

EA Games, Let’s Play:

With some outstanding titles, it’s hard to choose which one should be played first. For that here are the games produced by EA you should try first on XBOX Game Pass.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order:

Source: Youtube

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order one of the most anticipated and popular games in the EA franchise. It’s a single-player, adventure game that lets you explore the galaxy as Jedi and it comes with a brilliant story that hooks you up till the end.

A Way Out:

Source: EA

One of the best co-op game in the market, where you can team up with your friend and plan to escape the prison.

The plot takes you to the prison where you team up with your friend who’s playing on another side and try different ways to escape the prison. It lets you strategize the whole scenario and work in a team.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life:

Source: GameSpot

Yakuza one of the highest action-packed games in the Game Pass. It’s a single-player adventure game and the main entry of the Yakuza series. If you are familiar with other series, then there’s no doubt this edition will be valuable in your collection.

Madden 20:

Source: EA

Talking about EA games and not involve Madden 20 in the list. It’s all about interest, people highly invest their time in Madden franchise and buy every year.

This game takes you to the real gameplay, where you learn to dodge players, hard tackle, and ball down. like it gives you the pure experience of Madden 20, although Madden 21 will also be available but in a trial version.

Apex Legends:

Source: The Verge

One of the most competitive games in the EA franchise, Apex Legends also comes in the ultimate game pass and lets you compete with the world.

Over hundreds of playing Apex Legends and exhibiting their shooting skills to stay at the top of the chart. And become a Legend.

These games will be available on Game Pass in the upcoming days, apart from that the list getting wider as new developers come in.

XBOX has managed to provide some exclusive games for their players, as many of the gamers used to complain about exclusivity when it comes to XBOX.  

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