Of The 'Language' Versus 'General' Dichotomy

Of The ‘Language’ Versus ‘General’ Dichotomy

As most A-Level colleges have now made mandatory the study of either English Language or English General, a dichotomy has come to exist. The Language people, versus the General people (no pun intended). Here’s how one class (again, no pun intended) differentiates itself from the other:

1. The General people come in hoards, literally while the Language people will be a few lonely birds flocking together

general community

2. The General people will spend the first month at college doing all they can to try and drop General


3. You’ll see the Language people boasting about how challenging the subject is and how it isn’t for everyone



Source: gipgy

4. The General people will always be seen gracing the grounds with their presence; the Language people will be locked up in libraries completing assignments


5. The General people will always be complaining about how miserable and boring their classes and teachers are; the Language people (exceptions excluded) love their classes


6. The Language people contain horrendous amounts of vocabulary and grammar within them. They will anatomize the General people’s sentences down to the last mistake


7. The Language people will boast about how their subject has ‘credits’; the General people will be whining about how theirs doesn’t


8. The Language people will most certainly be crying on the day of the Results; the General people will be happy (but only because they convinced their parents not to make them sit for the General exam)


It’s the new Science versus Commerce war. (Not implying that the Science in the equation is Language, but feel free to infer so).

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