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Areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India were jolted yesterday, the 26th of December, 2015, by an earthquake of magnitude 6.4. The tremors were felt late at night, and caused injuries to over more than 40 people as old and decapitated buildings in some areas collapsed.

It should be noted that the earthquake occurred exactly two months after the 26th October earthquake, which had taken the lives of around 300 people and had occurred in the same region.

Residents gather to clear a path by removing rubble from a house after it was damaged by an earthquake in Mingora, Swat, Pakistan October 26, 2015. A powerful earthquake struck a remote area of northeastern Afghanistan on Monday, shaking the capital Kabul, as shockwaves were felt in northern India and in Pakistan's capital, where hundreds of people ran out of buildings as the ground rolled beneath them. REUTERS/Hazrat Ali Bacha

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There’s something about earthquakes on the 26th – history has witnessed some massive tremors, that have claimed the lives of thousands, and most of them have occurred on the 26th.

Images from some of the earthquakes that struck on the 26th.

Images from some of the earthquakes that struck on the 26th.

Here’s a list of major earthquakes (in no particular order) on the 26th, excluding the recent two we experienced;

26th July 1976, Earthquake in China

26 January 2001, Earthquake in Gujrat

26th July 2010, Earthquake in Taiwan

26th February 2010, Earthquake in Japan

26th April 2015, Earthquake in Nepal

26 June 1926, Earthquake in The Rhodes

26 Jan 1700, Earthquake in North America

26 July 1963, Earthquake in Yugoslavia

26 Dec 2003, Earthquake in Iran

26 Dec 1939, Earthquake in Turkey

26 Dec 1932, Earthquake in Kansu, China

26 Jan 1951, Earthquake in Portugal

26 June 2010, Earthquake in Tasik

26 Jan 2001, Earthquake in Gujarat

26 Mar 1963, Earthquake in Wakasa Bay, Jepang

26 Jul 1967 Earthquake in Pulumur, Turki

26 Sep 1970 Earthquake in Bahia Solano, Colombia

26 Jul 1971 Earthquake in Solomon Island

26 Apr 1972 Earthquake in Ezine, Turki

26 May 1975 Earthquake in N. Atlantic

26 Mar 1977 Earthquake in Palu, Turki

26 Dec 1979 Earthquake in Carlisle, Inggris

26 Apr 1981 Earthquake in Westmorland, USA

26 Mei 1983 Earthquake in Nihonkai, Chubu, Jepang

26 Jan 1985 Earthquake in Mendoza, Argentina

26 Jan 1986 Earthquake in Tres Pinos, USA

26 Apr 1992 Earthquake in Cape Mendocino, California, USA

26 Oct 1997 Earthquake in Italy.

The list doesn’t end here. Moreover, a number of other natural disasters, such as Tsunamis, have also occurred on the 26th. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster also took place on the 26th!


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Co-incidence? Or does this date hold some special disaster significance?


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