Ode to APS Martyrs: They are in heavens

Ode to APS Martyrs: They are in heavens

Tears drop off with pain

But smile is on the face

Ears fitted with the noise of guns and cries

But smile is on the face 


I know a house is reserved for me near Muhammad pbuh

I know i would play with Muhammad pbuh in heavens 

Heartless shot me 

Whilst i will die in peace 

With a  notion of meeting  the best Judge who lives above the skies

O miniatures’ you are just His creations 

I smile because i would smell the musk from the gardens of heaven

I smile’ I smile’ I smile


Dead bodies around ‘ enlightened faces 

Angels taking the flowers to embellish the right place 

Rivers of blood but i smile’ We’d be together 

Bullet in my heart’but my heart is untroubled 

Lips whispering Shahadah 

Eyes shined with blood 

But i know ultimate destiny is to die as a Shohdah 

I’m leaving you Mom Dad’ but i promise i would take you to Jannah

Don’t cry’ I’m now safe here. 

‘Last breath but i die as a martyr’

-Dedicated to Martyrs of APS Peshawar attack

May Allah place the young souls at highest rank in Jannah Ameen.


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