NY Lawmakers Pass Bill, Protecting Children from Social Media

NY Lawmakers Pass Bill, Protecting Children from Social Media

New York lawmakers passed legislation that aims to protect children from social media. Lawmakers have restricted social media platforms from deploying harmful and addictive algorithms.

The legislation; “Safe for Kids Act,” aims to enhance parental control on social media platforms. The other act passed along with this legislation was the “NY Child Data Protection Act, prohibiting social media companies from collecting children’s data without parental consent.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP via Getty Images file

Lawmakers have sent the bill to Kathy Hochul’s desk as Governor of New York. Hochul added, “We must do all we can to protect our kids from the harmful influence of the harmful influence of addictive algorithms and unchecked data collection, Passage of the Safe for Kids Act and the NY Child Data Protection Act is the straightforward first step in that effort”.

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The “Safe for Kids Act” will direct social media companies to leave constant reminders for minors using social media between midnight and morning (6 a.m. Minors will be directed to establish their age.

Studies have shown that social media is a catalyst for depression in minors.

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