NV Releases a High-Voltage Rock Version of Dekha Na Tha

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NV is one of the most active bands in Karachi but their modus operandi differs from every other band on the scene. It is the only band in Pakistan that in its entirety is a one man show headed by Naveed Masood, who plays all instruments and produces the audio and video both. The band greatly banks on online presence and strives to maintain a balance of originals and cover releases.

They believe that originals are important because they provide artists integrity and also help take the industry forward, while covers are the part ‘where they put their suits and ties and instruments on and showcase their abilities to an audience’, which would otherwise take longer to give us the required attention.

They released an original song titled ‘Sahey’ in May 2017, which was composed by Naveed Masood and is perhaps the only original song in Pakistan on which one person has played all the instruments, and produced the audio and video both.

To follow this original up, in July 2017 NV released a high voltage rock rendition of Alamgir’s classic ‘Dekha Na Tha’.

The song features Naveed’s signature production and vocal style, while former Irtaash Guitar Player Umer Sohail plays a lightning fast guitar solo. This version of the song had been in works for a quite a few weeks and was released roughly 2 weeks back. Listen and send us your feedback!

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