7 Things NUST Offers You Excluding Education and A Career!


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Final year students get to experience all sorts of days at NUST, especially if they are hostellers. They get to meet all sorts of people living in their hostels from all across the country, they get to do all sort of craziness with their friends, and most importantly, they get to learn independence. To live on your own, from handling your limited budget, to balancing time between education and sports, there is so much here at NUST.

However, there are a few notable qualities that are common in most, if not all, of the NUST-ians who graduate. Here they are:

1) All That Walking Up And Down The Roads Actually Helped Out!

I remember the time when I had to walk more than 3 km in a day just to reach my department building from my hostel. It required for me to jog uphill when I was getting late, or take a long route (I am not really sure why did I do that). Five days a week, for nine months, in all four years, this gave me just enough stamina and endurance in my legs that now when my mother tells me to bring dhanniya from a nearby market, I walk to that store rather than driving!

2) It Brings The Extraordinary Out Of You!

Girls’ hostels have ovens. Unfortunately, we boys are not given this kind of special treatment. We manage some other way. Kettles is our mini kitchen when our tummy starts groaning in the middle of the night.  You can either make tea, warm milk or perhaps boil noodles! Yup, who needs a fire and a pan when you can just kill your hunger using a simple kettle?

Moreover, living in hostels teach you a number of qualities. You learn to organize your cupboard (being a boy, this is a big achievement, trust me), you learn to make your bed, even your shoes are all tidy and stacked along nicely. Your tables are well dusted and all papers are organized, and books are stacked in an orderly fashion. NUST Hostels bring that rishta-material out of you for display!

3) You Never Knew You Could Be This Good At Football!

Football matches here are played just about every day. If you are a fresh graduate, seeking to socialize and know people, football is a language common to all. Just head to the NBS ground in the evening and join a team for a friendly match. Not only will you improve over the years, you will get to know a lot of people.

This is not limited to football, though. It is for any sort of sports that you play. Sports gala of every department gives you enough of an opportunity to express your skills out in the open.

4) Special Mention: Badminton!

To say that this sport helped with our boredom is an understatement. 11 p.m. is the curfew time for boys’ hostels. This is when NUST becomes secluded outside its hostels, and only a security vehicle is roaming the campus. With nothing to do, nowhere to go, we boys head for badminton court inside our hostels. Boredom will eventually make you an expert at this if you just stay consistent.

5) Sharing Is Caring!

It’s past 12 midnight and the even kettle are not there to help you with your hunger. Gates are closed and you don’t have anything to eat. But you just remembered that you offered some chips to your friend when he was hungry the other day, and now that he has his emergency stock full he can help you. So you go to him.

In hostels, one thing for certain is that everyone is ready to help you when you’re hungry. Hostellers understand how it’s like to have nothing to eat, so it is only natural that they can help you with snacks that can solve the issue.

6) You Forget Pakistan Ever Had Load-Shedding!

With room-sized generators outside every hostel and department, load-shedding is a thing of the past for NUST-ians, especially hostellers. You get 24-hour electrical supply, even when half the country is heating up under the sun in the warmest of summers.

7) Finding the Perfect Time to Tend To Your “Business”

When you can’t hold it in anymore, or there is just too much “weight” ready to be lost, you rush to the only place that is found at the end of every hostel corridor: the community bathroom. With five cabins available to tend to your bodily needs, you are in for a trouble if all of them are occupied, or when a person who has more explosive issues than yours join you in the next cabin and makes you listen to his body relaxing under some violent reverberations. Eventually, you realize that your body needs to adjust to a perfect time where there is less crowd in the washroom, and most importantly, toilet seats are cold and dry.

You may not be a good engineer, economist, designer, programmer, biologist, architect, or any other profession offered by NUST. However, at the end of your fourth year, one thing for certain is that you will surely be a better person than your old self almost half a decade back. So enjoy your days while you still have them!

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