Meet Nusrat Taj- A Superwoman From Tharparkar Who Drives A 60-Ton Truck To Support Her Family!

Women in Pakistan face a lot of hardships and struggles in their lives but rarely do they surrender and whimper. In fact, you will find women from all walks of life working hard to make ends meet. They are daughters, mothers, wives, and sisters, that not only manage households and children but work long shifts to support their loved ones.

There have been several inspirational stories of strong-willed, hardworking and determined Pakistani ladies who have proven to have the power to become the strongest pillar for their families. Much like men, they too are joining the workforce to contribute and are not shying away.

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The women in the cities have several opportunities to avail and are progressing, however, the rural women suffer greatly as the opportunities are scarce along with the shackles of their culture that doesn’t allow them to step out of their homes. This doesn’t allow the capable woman who is willing to support their struggling men to find a job, which results in a family that suffers.

But times are changing, slowly and steadily. What needs our attention is the amazing women who are beating all the odds including the obstacles that Pakistan’s culture and society throw their way to become self-sufficient, independent and empowered. They are gaining confidence and exposure that will help them make better decisions not just for themselves but for their families as well.

This next story is of a phenomenal woman belonging from a village in a desert of Pakistan that along with few others is changing the old traditions. 

Meet Nusrat From Tharparkar Sindh, Who Drives A Massive Heavy-Duty 60 Ton Truck To Support Her Family.

Nusrat is a woman of Thar that is changing generations-old traditions that restrict women from even stepping out of their homes.

Let’s Have A Look At Her Story:

Her daily routine is an extreme sport, from waking up early and going to the well to fetch water for the entire house as there isn’t running water in her village to completing every possible house chores that include washing clothes, cooking food and taking care of her children.

Driving a 60-ton truck in an open-pit coal mine along with fulfilling her duties as a mother, wife, daughter and even handling the cleaning and cooking truly makes her a superwoman and we are proud of her.

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