Here’s How Pakistani Parents Can Nurture Their Children In The Best Possible Manner!

Pakistani Parents

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Childhood is that period of every human’s life that actually leads the rest of life. The way one thinks, the way one reacts to things and the way he sees the world around him are shaped during this time.  It is the time when their inner personality starts taking shape. Absorbing a lot of influence from the atmosphere they spend their time in.

Apparently, minor events make huge effects on their minds. A little carelessness on the part of their families or anyone else could ruin the rest of their lives. Even things like paying little or no attention to them when they demand can push them into self-hatred and getting into the abyss of being unimportant.

Even children are subjected to mental and physical stress and tend to grow up with a sense of worthlessness and being unimportant. These tendencies are very hard to get rid of, for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, these lead to suicidal behavior in some of them.

Source: NSPCC

Ultimately these children when grown up, they either become emotionally dead showing no affection at all for anyone, or so fragile and weak that a small event like being ignored for a while by their friends can tear them apart. The balance of emotions that is necessary to lead a normal life is lost. Those with weak emotional structure seek their refuge in everything possible their friends, pets’ mobile phones, games and all sort of things, but they fed up too quickly.

Depression becomes intrinsic to their existence.  They don’t show interest in anything thinking that life is meaningless and not worth living. Love can easily win the hearts of children, and treating them with kindness will consequently teach them to treat others with kindness. As someone has said, “hate begets hate”.


Children are always honest and loving to everyone and this is their right to get the same from everyone.  Childhood is the age of learning, so teach your children to love, care, be kind, truthful and honest, not just by telling them to be so but by being such to them.

When they see you being honest to them the will surely be honest to you. Being a parent and a guardian of your children make rules for yourself as to how to behave with your kids. Do not willfully inflict physical or emotional pain on them, life will teach them how to deal with it at an appropriate time. You should be, as you want your child to be when he has grown into an adult.

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